The Perfect Steak Grilling Guide

A tender and juicy steak is a combination of three main factors: the highest quality beef, perfect aging and finally great grilling. At The Perfect Steak Company™ we have taken the guesswork out of ensuring that you have a great steak to grill but the final step is yours.

What Makes a Perfect Steak?

At The Perfect Steak Company™, selecting, aging and grilling the finest beef is our passion. We begin the process of creating The Perfect Steak by hand selecting cuts from the best beef available. We age the beef up to 35 days at a consistent temperature and humidity to improve the taste and tenerness.

How do I grill the Perfect Steak?

Depending on your preferences you might want to marinate your steaks or you can cook them just as they are.

In a glass dish or re-sealable plastic bag combine the steaks and The Perfect Steak™ Marinade. Marinate the steaks for one hour at room temperature.

Bring steaks close to room temperature 1/2 hour before grilling for more even cooking.

Grilling Guide

1. To begin, determine the Heat Setting and Time Per Side for your steaks by consulting the grilling chart above.
2. Preheat your barbecue on HIGH for about 10 minutes, then reduce it to the correct Heat Setting for your specific cut and desired level of doneness.

Steak Flip Chart

3. Brish the grids with cooking oil and place your steak on the grids on a 45° angle as shown on the Steak Flip Chart above. Follow the Steak Flip Chart, flipping your steak 4 times as shown, to create perfect steakhouse grill marks.
4. Serve and enjoy the Perfect Steak.

Remember, temperature settings may vary depending on your grill and the outside temperature.

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